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Camps at Hillcrest are organised during the June and November/December school holidays for both the pre-teens and teens. It is at the camps that all the formational goals of the year's activities are reinforced. Here virtues are lived, characters are formed and most of all strong friendships forged. 


The camps in June are Adventure Camps, where the girls get the rare experience of living in the great outdoors, in full contact with nature. It is here, with carefully planned activities that take them out of their comfort zones that the girls develop leadership skills and teamwork. These activities include tent pitching, rope course navigation, archery and forest trek which are priceless experiences for the girls. 

In November, the camp revolves around the theme of Home and Caring. The girls learn culinary and homemaking skills which will definitely come in handy in the future. They also visit a nursing home, where they will have the opportunity to interact with the elderly. This will help them greatly in nurturing their care for others and developing empathy while also reducing their fear of the unknown.  



& Leadership 


 Home & Caring 


Moana Camp
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