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For girls 13-15 years old

Every Saturday

11am to 2pm

Hillcrest teens get involved in Cultural, Culinary, Sports as well as Social Projects. The Art of Living Programme is a full training on Home Management, with special emphasis on culinary skills. Regular visits to Old Folks home and collaborations with Social Enterprise projects help the girls develop their virtues of generosity and selflessness into genuine and meaningful giving back to society.

Formative talks preceding activities as well as personal mentoring* help the girls develop their virtues and talents to the full and use them as leaders in the service of society.

*Each girl upon joining as a member is assigned to a club leader who will personally mentor them every 2-3 weeks.


Study is also an essential activity for Hillcrest 2. Study facilities are available at the club and the girls are helped to acquire study habits through the club mentoring programme. Periodic study marathons and study weekends are organised closer to exam times.

Membership: $150 per half year subscription

(January - June / July - December)


Membership Privileges :

  • Discounts for Hillcrest activities

  • Discounts for Hillcrest camps

  • Access to study facilities and a tutor @ Hillcrest

  • Lunch at Hillcrest at $4 with early registration by the preceding Thursday

I only want to receive the Newsletter with Hillcrest activities and updates

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