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Exploring Ethnic Diversity & Freedom of Expression

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

A discussion about opinions, forum and historical context on freedom of expression.

Building upon our critical skills developed through the past few episodes of Coffee shop Talk series, we started the year of 2021 discussing about the opinions, forum and historical context on freedom of expression. Check out the reading list below for specially curated materials for the discussion!

Coffeeshop Talk - January


Freedom of speech: An appeal to Europe

(Professor Tommy Koh, The Straits Times 280 Nov 2020)


Freedom of religion and of expression can coexist

(Ambassador of France, Denmark, Italy, Netherlands, The Straits Times 3 Dec 2020)

Historical Context

Historical Context of Secularism in France

(3 minutes video, remember to enable captions)


Coffeeshop Talk Series

Faced with so many messages from the news and social media, have you ever wished you could cut through the chatter and sift the credible from the incredible?

Are you able to give convincing reasons for what you agree or disagree with?

Come with a cup of coffee/tea and join us for our monthly Coffee Shop Talk - where we will chat about how to critically think through all the stuff out there!

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